Art and Culture

In 1999 Anthony Bailey was appointed Executive Chairman of Painting & Patronage – a prominent cultural and educational exchange programme between Europe and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since 1999, Anthony has acted as a consultant to numerous other art and cultural programmes held in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. These have included the British Libary’s Sacred exhibition, Russia’s Red Square Invites festival, and the London and Riyadh Painting & Patronage art exhibitions.

Public Affairs

Anthony Bailey is Chairman of Eligo International and is a senior public relations and public affairs practitioner with wide agency and in-house experience. In the government arena, he has since 1990 advised numerous government and diplomatic missions on a wide range of communications disciplines including, media relations, economic and trade promotion, special events, tourism, protocol and ceremonial, VIP visits, culture promotion, issues and crisis management.


Since 1988, Anthony Bailey has held numerous roles which aim to foster greater inter-religious understanding between the followers of all faith. This has included the hosting of inter-religious conferences, facitiating exchange visits for faith leaders, speaking at international forums, and fundraising for a wide range of faith based community initaitives. Such activities have taken place across Western and Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.


Anthony Bailey has a keen interest in education issues and holds several roles in both the secondary and higher education sector in Britain. Between 2002-2010 he advised the Department of Education on the development of the British Government’s Academies programme.


Anthony Bailey is active in promoting the charitable aims and fundraising needs for numerous charitiable organisations across Britain and the wider international community. He is an active committee member of The Passage Britain’s largest centre for the homeless since 2001. Anthony is Director of the Forthspring Inter-Community Group which works to foster ties between the divided communities of Northern Ireland.


Inter-faith leader Sir Sigmund Sternberg has announced that Mr Anthony Bailey has been awarded the 2012 Interfaith Gold Medallion of the Sternberg Charitable Foundation. This distinction was granted following the unanimously decision of the award judges and according to Sir Sigmund was granted ‘in recognition of Anthony Bailey’s many years of endeavour and exceptional contribution to the improvement of understanding between the faiths’. Among previous winners are Heads of State and Government, Religious and civic leaders.

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